Secure Payment Policy

Your Secure Payment Experience

At Nulland Voidman, we take your security seriously. Our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information is unwavering. Here’s how we ensure a seamless and secure payment process:

SSL Encryption: Our website employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, establishing an encrypted link between your device and our server. This prevents third parties from intercepting or tampering with any data exchanged during your transaction.

Partnership with PrestaShop and PayPal:

  • PrestaShop: As our trusted e-commerce platform partner, PrestaShop ensures robust security features and compliance with industry standards.
  • PayPal: PrestaShop has worked in collaboration with PayPal, dating back to 2019, guaranteeing a seamless payment experience. PayPal is a global leader in secure online transactions.

3D Secure 2 Technology: is a sophisticated fraud prevention system utilized by PayPal that offers:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Every transaction undergoes real-time scrutiny for suspicious activity.
  • Risk Scoring: Transactions receive risk scores. High-risk transactions may be blocked.
  • Machine Learning: The system evolves based on machine learning, adapting to new threats.
  • Fraud Protection: This technology maximizes protection against fraudulent transactions.

PSD 2 Compliance:

We adhere to the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2) regulations for Enhanced Transaction Protection:

Identity Verification: During online payments, we verify your identity using at least two of the following methods:

  1. Something Only You Know: A password, code, or other confidential information.

  2. Something Only You Possess: Your mobile phone, smart card, or other physical possession.

  3. Biometric Features: Fingerprint or voice recognition.

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